In 2014, Brian and Nadine embarked on the journey of EHdK with the desire to actively contribute to the improvement of healthcare. Their previous experiences at other advice agencies had convinced them that change was necessary. EHdK was not to be a conventional agency with the usual advisors, but instead a collaborative effort with a team of passionate and engaged young colleagues, striving for progress and movement with their clients every day. And so, the do-agency EHdK was born! Over the years, this do-agency has flourished into a team of talented individuals. In 2021, Pim, Candel, and Jenneke Aartsen joined the partner team, further expanding the agency’s reach and impact.


EHdK places great importance on the growth and development of young and gifted individuals. We firmly believe that when they are given the opportunity and trust to channel their energy and ambition, it can create a positive impact for our clients. To facilitate this, we provide comprehensive training and development programs aimed at fostering rapid personal and professional growth. Our partners actively participate in transferring their knowledge and skills to the team, allowing our advisors to become experienced professionals in a short amount of time. At EHdK, we strive for a steep learning curve that encompasses both substantive and personal development.


Our team culture is defined by our unwavering commitment, drive, openness, and sense of fun. At EHdK, we are dedicated to serving our customers and supporting one another. We collaborate closely, offering assistance and celebrating successes together, and are always available to lend a helping hand whenever needed. While we share a common passion, we each bring our unique perspectives and strengths to the table. Want to learn more about our team and what makes us tick? Don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch!

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